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Continued Professional Development

Meeting the NSW Requirements – Made Easy!

Don’t leave your CPD training to the last minute!

Deadline 22nd March 2024

The rules have changed. Self paced courses take longer than they did previously. The quickest way to meet your CPD obligations are face-to-face sessions or live events – and both of these options will be limited to numbers.

Plan your CPD for 2024 and make sure that you’re able to be compliant.

CPD doesn’t need to be complex, boring or a box to tick.

Imagine a world where CPD training was engaging, educational and offered opportunity for improvement, at a cost-effective price, all whilst meeting Fair Trading’s requirements, it’s possible and we’ve done it.

What you need to know – the basics

The CPD year for all licence and certificate holders starts on 23 March each year and ends on 22 March the following year. The current CPD year runs from 23 March 2023 to 22 March 2024.
Failure to comply with your Continual Professional Development requirements may result in the suspension or cancellation of your licence or certificate.
All individuals who hold a class 1 licence, class 2 licence or a certificate of registration must complete the required training for their licence or certificate category each year.
Depending on the type of licence they hold (Class 1 licence, Class 2 licence or Certificate of Registration : now called Assistant Agent) they will have different requirements for their CPD criteria.

CPD requirements for a licence holder

Changes to this year’s requirements:

Class 1 & Class 2 licence holders must now complete 4 hours of training on the prescribed compulsory topics.

Complete these hours in an online or face-to-face interactive session with us and we will cover the minimum 3 compulsory topics relevant to your area of practice. (and as a bonus, there is no further need for elective or business skill topics to be completed!)

We can provide these sessions to you and your team in the following way:

  • A face-to-face interactive training session with a maximum of 40 attendees, or
  • An interactive webinar session with a maximum of 25 attendees

Not able to attend an interactive session, fear not – you can also complete your requirements online. A minimum of 10 hours of online modules are available for you to complete at your own pace. This will include all of the compulsory topics plus your choice of other training to make up the required hours.

CPD requirements for an Assistant Agent (Certificate of Registration holder)

As of March 2020, all certificate holders (now called Assistant Agents) are required to commence a learning pathway leading them to the attainment of the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and the first step is attaining a certificate of attainment for a minimum of 3 subjects by 23rd March 2024.

What’s Next?

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